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Read entire article on "Memories of Ashland"
Read 2005 article on "Rediscover Historic Ashland

Digital Video Services/Photo Movie

The Wedding DVD you made was VERY MUCH ENJOYED by all the Harts & the Duforts after the rehearsal dinner. WE ALL loved the music and photos of the past years of Jen & John....it was a real WORK OF ART!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again, thank you both for your help, kindness, fast work (to get it in time for the wedding), and excellent job on our Wonderful Wedding Remembrance!!!!!!! Guess you can tell by all my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that I am still SO VERY HAPPY about this DVD, and the Wedding turned out great, too!! Best of luck to you both. We have told many friends about you & hope to use you in the future with Jon & Stacy.
- Janet & David Hart, Westborough, Massachusetts

(DVD for business use)

"The Herrings had little knowledge of aquarium design and maintenance when we began working together. They showed great interest, asking many questions and educating themselves about my services. The result is a video that will enhance my advertising campaign and appeal to every type of individual."
- R. Savard, Fish Works, Framingham, Massachusetts

(Wedding video enhanced)

"My mom loved watching the wedding video, but hopes next time you'll 'enhance' her looks some by taking the gray out, etc. (he-he-he). We liked the way you could take so many forms of media - photos, music, our wedding invitation, and six hours of videotape - and consolidate them into a movie of about one and a half hours. Even the rehearsal scenes were peppy. You brought everything together at a pace that kept our attention. The slow-motion bouquet toss and other special effects also added interest. Thank you so much for bringing out the best of our wedding memories."
- M. Lewis, Ashland, Massachusetts

"My 95-year-old grandmother always says she does not need anything at her age, but after seeing the video, she felt otherwise. Words aren't enough to express how happy she was with the video. She instantly relived so many memories. Anyone who walks into her house will be seeing her new video and understanding more about her life, which will only bring her more happiness.
- R. Savard, Ashland, Massachusetts

"I loved watching the family video over and over again, especially the animation showing the kids growing up."
- D. Roach, Washington State

"Everyone loved the 50th Anniversary DVD. It was a real tear-jerker and lots of laughs, too."
- J. Clark, N. Grafton, Massachusetts

"The video was great - my Dad loved it so much! I think he even got a little teary-eyed, which is a lot for my Dad. Thanks for helping me make this Christmas a special one. I have no words to explain how much I loved the video. It was so much more than I expected it to be. You don't even know the meaning behind the pictures, but you captured the memory of them perfectly. I can't thank you enough, and it was great working with you, too."
-E. Lawhorn, South Elgin, Illinois

"I wanted to do something special for our 10-Year Anniversary, to capture the memories. My husband was amazed at the outcome."
- K. Caron, Framingham, Massachusetts

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the DVD. I love it! We played it well over 10 times over the Thanksgiving holiday, and it
was a big hit."

- M. Young, Hudson, Massachusetts

"Our family memories were brought to life through images from the past and present, of our parents, children, and grandchildren - fully coordinated with appropriate music, excellent graphic art, photography, and humorous touches. I could not have asked for a more beautiful keepsake that will undoubtedly be handed down generation to generation."
- M. Buettner, Virginia

"The video and accompanying music are so well done. I'm very pleased. And thanks so much for the careful selection of the music - it's quite appropriate. The fade out at the end is good, too. Truly a lovely job!
- S. Gesler, Charlestown, Massachusetts

"I had to let you know how pleased I am with the memorial tape you created. I was looking for a special project to do for my Dad, who passed just a few short months ago. The video memorial was the perfect solution - better than an album, better than a scrapbook, better than a written commemorative page. I was hoping to put some pictures together, couple them with some family facts, and make a story of his life. What I found is that your service created a true memorial to his life - an honest-to-God tribute! You did an outstanding job of helping select background music, and photos were done in such a way that they didn't appear to be stills at all! You timed everything beautifully.

When doing this project I didn't realize how therapeutic it would be for me to work through the sadness of his parting through this tribute. The photos of his life with my mom, my sister and brother, his work, his service to his country and his retirement years only serve to help remind me that his life had meaning for a great many people. I have found tremendous comfort in that! Now that the project is finished, it will be something my whole family will enjoy viewing. I couldn't think of a single thing I would have done differently. I am just so moved by the whole experience. Please accept this note as a testimonial for your service, your hard work, and your tenacity in making the perfect video for me."
- K. Mahoney, Ashland, Massachusetts

"After receiving our video, my kids and I sat down to view it. I was deeply moved as it brought back the memories of raising my children and the lives of other precious relatives. It revealed a story with beautiful scenery and music, which brought the pictures alive. As I was explaining the video to my husband, I was unable to finish as the tears welled up from within. I wished my grandparents and children had been able to meet. I also realized that my kids had grown so quickly, and I want to cherish their growing-up years even more. The children watched it three times in a row. They especially liked the changes of themselves and their cousins, growing from babies until their age now."
- T. Hicker, Washington State

"We set up the DVD in the living room [for special anniversary party] and people watched it numerous times. It was a big hit, and I need six more copies. My parents were blown away!"
- L. Robinson, Ashland, Massachusetts

"Memories of Ashland" and "Rediscover Historic Ashland" DVDs

"I received the Historical and 'Memories of Ashland' DVDs and was so impressed with it all. I lived in Ashland for 20 years and drove a school bus named 'Miss Ashland' for 18 years. This was so wonderful for me to view as I have known many of the people in the videos. Great work."
- Frances E. Day, Avon Park, FL, and Wellesley, MA

"I watched the DVD over the Christmas holiday.  I really enjoyed it!! You guys as always did a great job.  My mother got it as a gift and could relate to a lot of the memories on the DVD, seeing as she was born and has lived her whole life in Ashland."
- Laureen Robinson, Ashland, MA

"I enjoyed the entire DVD of 'Rediscover Historic Ashland.' It brought back many memories. I met Henry Warren several times; also, I was a sophomore at Ashland High School and attended the 1948 Booster Club Banquet."
- B. Smith, Anaheim, CA


"You are a wonderful illustrator, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you -- not to mention a tremendous help to me. I will continue to recommend you whenever I can. I'd tell anyone that if they need a great illustration quickly and need to hold their budget, call Dave Herring -- he's the best!"
- Thomasina Webb, Bearport Publishing Co., New York City

"I was looking for a logo that plays off the name of my new company, and conveys what I do. Thanks for getting it right. I'm thrilled with your work!"
- Matthew Washek, MW Bridge Financial, Framingham, Massachusetts

"It's because of people like you that the magazine was both possible and a success. The children of the world thank you for your part in this endeavor - and the love and creativity that went into your work."
- The Editors, My Herald (children's magazine), Boston, Massachusett

Print Design

(Booklet with over 200 photographs)

"You did an amazing job for me. You created a keepsake that my entire family will always cherish! You were quick to respond to my request, and did a very professional job. I truly appreciate everything!"
- Tom Greeley, Framingham, Massachusetts

(Brochure and stationery)

"I've said it before but I'll say it again, your professional approach to everything you do is so appreciated. We remain grateful to you for all you've done, and hope to continue to work with you both in the future."
- David E. Godfrey, Home Care for Christian Scientists, Inc., Quincy, Massachusetts

(800-page book)

"What troopers! Thank you so much for all you've done to help produce this book. Thank you again for your beautiful work, and for your gracious flexibility!"
- The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, and
- The Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, Boston, Massachusetts

"We have the pleasure of working with and benefiting from the talents of Dave Herring. For a number of years we have admired his work for The Christian Science Monitor, and when the opportunity arose to acquire his services, we jumped at it. As an educational publisher, our products combine both copy and graphics. Dave provides the graphics - charts, graphs, and most importantly, a map of a country and/or region. He is an integral part of our editorial team, and we consider his skills a very important part of our product offerings."
- Clayton Westland, Learning Enrichment, Inc., Williamsburg, Virginia

Web Design

"I started a business in October 2006.  As you know advertisement is very important.  Linda & Dave Herring were highly recommended to design a website for my business. They were patient with me getting all the material together. They answered all my phone calls that day. My website is a big part of my business and I appreciate them so much for the work they did."
- Chris Granger, NightLife Oil Burner Service, Inc.

"We were both pleased with your speed and professionalism in launching our Web site. You knew what we wanted and got on it right away, even in a busy holiday time."
- Linda and Phil Mercer, Linda's Encore and Phil's Home Care

"You are so awesome! The Web site is perfect."
- Nadine Heaps, President, The Ashland Business Association, Ashland, Massachusetts

"Art By Herring doggedly pursued and quickly overcame various Web-related challenges as Christian Scientists Online was designed and developed. Knowing that the technical side of things was in good hands, I could concentrate on ideas and content. That freedom was priceless."
- David W. Evans, Christian Scientists Online, Sutton, Massachusetts

"Working with Art by Herring has been a great pleasure. We've found their broad range of expertise to be a tremendous resource for our company. We can't think of a question they can't answer! Add that with their prompt and professional service and you can be sure that we will be repeat customers!"
- Peter King, King Safety Products, St. Charles, Missouri


Award for best personal online site, from the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council. This award, for HerringArt, was presented at an industry awards ceremony and displayed at an Internet Expo in Boston, Massachusetts.

HerringArt was named as Macromedia's "Shocked Site of the Day."

DESI Award for excellence in the Graphic Design: USA competition. The "Super Europe" map, which first appeared in World Monitor Magazine, was displayed at the New York Art Directors Club.