Dave Herring is a professional artist who has been designing for over 20 years and is internationally published. He creates and launches custom Web sites, and is an expert in graphic design, illustration, animation, and multimedia. Specializing in computer graphics and animation, Dave has won awards for both print and Web design. His art appears in the print and electronic editions of The Christian Science Monitor, and was also featured in the monthly World Monitor Magazine
Linda Herring is an experienced graphic communicator with a successful history in publishing and strategic marketing. She managed circulation development programs for an international newspaper, and has designed graphics for multinational conferences, including freestanding displays, banners, posters, PowerPoint presentations, and print materials. Linda's creative vision enables her to find unique solutions to communications challenges, and to translate abstract ideas into tangible form.

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Award for best personal online site, from the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council. This award, for HerringArt was presented at an industry awards ceremony and displayed at an Internet Expo in Boston, Massachusetts.

HerringArt was named as Macromedia's "Shocked Site of the Day."

DESI Award for excellence in the Graphic Design: USA competition. The "Super Europe" map, which first appeared in World Monitor Magazine, was displayed at the New York Art Directors Club.