ODD Magazine was a comic fanzine published in the mid-1960's by Herring Brothers Publications. Inspired by the early comic book version of MAD magazine, ODD included comic strip parodies of comic book characters, TV shows, and movies. There were also articles about MAD comic book and other humorus subjects.

Go Ahead and ShootWe thought those of you who remember ODD might like to take a nostalgic look at some of the highlights of those bygone days. Perhaps some issues from your ODD collection may have disappeared over the last 40 years. To learn more about how ODD came into being, read THE ODD STORY by Steve Herring. This article first appeared in ODD No.7, published in 1965.

To see all 12 covers of ODD, and a description of each issue, go to the ODD Cover Gallery


1. We recently discovered some old ODD audio recordings made around 1965 or 1966. Listen to Dave and Steve Herring talk about ODD No. 12 before it was published. Find out who really thought up the time travel cover idea.

2. While we were publishing ODD, an experimental audio fanzine was created called VOF or the Voices of Fandom. Only 2 episodes were recorded. VOF2 is the second episode, featuring reports from Marv Wolfman, Bruce Cardozo, Howard Brenner, Jeff Gelb, Bob Griffith, Burton Stein, Tom and John Mc Geehan, and Tom Duggan. You might enjoy listening to this MP3 file.

ODD index cards

The ODD Readers Honor Roll

The index card records of ODD readers from 1964 to 1966 have been computerized. You can now see the names of that elite group of fans and find out how well ODD did back then.


ODD No.1
You can now view online and even download PDF versions of ODD. All 12 complete issues of the fanzine are now here. You will also find the original, hand-drawn, previously unpublished ODD issues from the 1950s. We have also added color to the cover of the reprint edition, Very, Very, Very ODD.


ODD Fanzine 1964-1966

ODD No.1 - ODD No. 2 - ODD No. 3 - ODD No. 4 - ODD No.5

ODD No.6 - ODD No.7 - ODD No.8 - ODD No.9 - ODD No.10

ODD No.11 - ODD No.12 - ODD No.12 Ditto Section


Previously Unpublished ODD 1957-1959

ODD No.1 1957
We made the very first issue of ODD in 1957. Crude crayon and pencil art. Three issues were made at that time, but only the first has survived. In 1959 we started ODD Volume 2. The artwork is a bit better. We made 6 complete issues and all have survived. Some of the stories were good enough to re-use in the ODD fanzine started in 1964. Now you can download and read ODD No. 1 from 1957 and also all six Vol. 2 issues as well as the unfinished No.7 from 1959.
ODD No.1 Vol.2 1959
ODD Vol.2 No,2
ODD Vol2. No.3
ODD Vol.2 No.4
ODD Vol.2 No.5
ODD Vol2 No6

ODD Vol.1 No.1 1957

ODD Vol.2 No.1 1959 - ODD Vol.2 No.2 1959

ODD Vol.2 No.3 1959 - ODD Vol.2 No.4 1959

ODD Vol.2 No.5 1959 - ODD Vol.2 No.6 1959

ODD Vol.2 No.7 (never finished)

A sample of ODD COMICS from ODD No.9

Fearsome Foursome re-drawn from ODD No.9

Dave Herring ODD BLOG

Marv Wolfman ODD BLOG

Steve Herring and Jay Kinney ODD BLOG

Comments and recollections from those involved in ODD


The Subway Shining Strip

Witness the strange goings on in New York's historic subway.


Our Favorite Hawaiian Island

Our greatest vacation

Impossible Planet

The Impossible Planet Strip

What wonderful secrets are found on this alien world.

The Spy Who Saved Me

The Spy Who Saved Me Strip

Watch our British secret agent get the job done before breakfast.


After I was no longer involved with ODD, I made some serious super hero strips for other fanzines. I think the best one I did was THE BLACK FALCON. Recently someone showed interest in these strips, so I put together complete PDFs of the 3 strips I did for him. I was actually missing one page from one strip and Tom Hamilton sent me a scan of that page and I was able to have a complete set. You can now download them here.

An Awesome Inheritance A 9 page strip introducing THE BLACK FALCON

The Black Falcon The Boss thinks he knows how to defeat THE BLACK FALCON in this 4 part serial.

The Fall of Bramton Lady Lucifer makes things hot for THE BLACK FALCON in this 3 part serial.

For a complete review and detailed description of each issue of ODD, be sure and check out Jerry Moore's evaluation at Mindsnackbooks.com

In 1964 my brother Steve and I and some friends made this little home movie starting at the New York World's Fair.
It's actually a "commercial" for ODD.
New, higher quality version. Transferred from 16mm film to video professionally by Kodak

Audio recorded interview with ODD staff in the 1950s. Our friend, Wayne Piery is the interviewer. You will also hear ODD commercials made in 1964 by Dave, Frank Herbert, and Steve.

Rare copies of ODD #12

A few original issues of ODD No.12 have survived over the years. I have a very small number of them that I would be happy to sell to anyone really interested. You can email me at daveherring@mac.com or write...

Dave Herring, 33 Arrowhead Circle, Ashland, MA 01721


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